Wild Colonial Bhoys | What's It To Ya?

This album is meant to be a little taste of Wild Colonial Bhoys live in our full-band glory.


Adam Coolong: vocals and guitars Geno Carlson: guitars and vocals Cody McKinney: bass and vocals Tony Comeau: fiddle Pete Hennig: drums

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Intro (0:52)
Tune / Hair of the Dog - trad/WCB (5:08)
It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go - Nanci Griffith (4:22)
Better Off - WCB (4:59)
Far From Home - WCB (6:32)
Galway Girl - Steve Earle (3:20)
Days of Rage - WCB (8:58)
Charlie and the MTA - Jacqueline Steiner and Bess Lomax Hawes (3:21)
Four Leaf Clover - words by Charlie and the Bhoys, music by Robin Moore (3:14)
Jesse James - trad (3:21) 11. Wild Rover - trad (5:03)
All Over the World - Jones/Fredricksen/Difford (3:30)
Come Out, Ye Black and Tans - Dominic Behan (3:29)
Kinky Boots - Gerry O'Glacain (4:49)
Home for a Rest - John Mann and Geoffrey Kelly (4:59)
I Am Ireland - WCB (5:12)


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