Hackathorn / Frodsham | Over Nine Waves

According to legend, when the Milesians first landed in Ireland, they were commanded by the current occupants, the Tuatha de Danaan, or fairies, to sail back over nine waves and wait to be received. We imagine that "over nine waves' would have put them in a magical place; floating here and there between the shores of Ireland, Britain and Brittany, listening to the music blown by the winds. Somewhat like the Milesians, we floated among Celtic lands for years, collecting tunes. Here are some of our favorites


Sylvia Hackathorn: penny wistle, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, sequencing
Lance Frodsham: Appalachian dulcimer, Pepinette des Vosges, guitar
Teresa Baker: piano
Betsy Branch: fiddle
Ken Lovelette: percussion

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1. Scolley's Reel/The Reel of Mullinavat/The Man of the House
2. Fisher's hornpipe
3. Cripple Creek/Old Joe Clark/Cherokee Shuffle
4. Jack Broke da Prison Door/Far from Home
5. Kryole de Dommartin-les-Remiremont/Polka Piquee
6. Off to California/The Rights of Man
7. Sir Sidney Smith's March
8. Polska/Salterello/La Rotta
9. Mississippi Sawyer/The Arkansas Traveler/Spotted Pony
10. La Volage
11. Apples in Winter/Gallagher's Frolics
12. Hommage a Edmond Parizeau
13. Lois Na Banriona
14. Three Crones


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