Paddy O'Brien | Mixing the Punch

Paddy O’Brien is regarded by serious players and collectors of Irish traditional music as one of the tradition’s most important repositories; in a career that spans nearly forty years, he has collected more than 3,000 compositions—jigs, reels, hornpipes, airs, and marches, including many rare and unusual tunes. His collection, all the more remarkable because it is stored in his head, is the result of many years of careful listening, diligent practice, and sharing tunes with people for the sake of the music itself.


Paddy O'Brien, Teresa Baker, and Felim Egan

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Music Samplings:

Reels: The Tinker’s Occupation / The Rambling Reel
Jigs: The Hearty Boys of Ballymote / Young Tom Ennis
Reels: Tossing the Feathers in County Clare / The Shores of Donegal
Reels: Sean Ryan’s / Bitin’ Bread and Atin’ It
Jigs: The Trip to Galway / Mixing the Punch
Slow air: The Flight of the Wild Geese
Reels: Arthur Darley’s / The Glen of Aherlow
Jigs (Felim Egan): Michael Doherty’s / The Western Road
Polkas: The Wooden City Polkas
Reels: Connemara Stockings / The Union Reel
Jigs: Apples in Winter / Sliabh Russell
Reels: The Fashion That The Ladies Wore / Cormac Lunny’s
Hornpipes: Poll Ha’penny / Gerry Egan’s
Jigs: The Humours of Rahey / The Rambling Pitchfork
Reels: Imelda Roland’s / The Flags of Dublin / Paddy from Donegal
Jigs: The Boys of the Town / The Hag with the Money
Reels: The Crosses of Annagh / Tom Doherty’s


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