The Langer's Ball | Whiskey Outlaws

Whiskey Outlaws brings 12 new tracks of Whiskey-Drunk Irish-Punk. The first track is appropriately the title song "Whiskey Outlaws," and is one of five original songs penned by the band. From the very beginning, you can hear a big does of other influences alongside the Irish Punk that they are famous for. Country, Rockabilly and Psychobilly are all in the mix alongside the Celtic-Punk and it certainly adds up to something very interesting. You're going to want to put your dancing shoes on for this one!

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1. Whiskey Outlaws
2. World Turned Upside Down
3. Jug of This
4. Drinking for Two
5. God's Gonna Cut You Down
6. Bottoms Up
7. Sword of Light
8. The One
9. Mick McGuire
10. Cork Dry Gin
11. I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover / Bye Bye Blackbird
12. Pigeon at the Gate


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