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A band based on musical friendships new and old. Kate and Jode Dowling play Irish Traditional Music with an intimacy and depth gained from over 12 years of playing together. They travel the world to learn their music from masters, well-known and obscure. The Dowlings are known for their great respect for the music, their skilled execution, their devotion to teaching and of course, for their hospitality and great house-party sessions. Their combined passion for the music translates to powerful performances. Kate and Jode are lucky to perform with many talented friends in the HiBs. Our local community is rich with national and international talent.


Jode Dowling: Fiddle, Kate Dowling: Whistle, Flute

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Jigs: Diamond's / McAuliffe's
Barndance: The Bluebell Polka
Hornpipes: Wade Hampton's / Sault's Own
Slides: Nelly Mahoney's / Tadeen the Fiddler / Pete Bradley's
Reels: Julia Delaney's / Star of Munster
Waltz: First One / Where My Eileen is Waiting for Me
Jigs: Australian Waters / Hungry Rock /Cuil Aodha
Polkas: John Walsh's / Ceangulla / Jim Keefe's
Reels: Father Kelly's / Thrush in the Storm / Killoran's
Barndances: Dermott McLaughlin's
Jigs: McAuliffe's / Fasten the Leggin'
Mazurkas: Tim O'Leary's
Reels: McKenna's / Fair Wind / Lucky in Love
Reels: Girl that Broke My Heart / Paddy Ryan's Dream
Jigs: The Morning Lark / Cooley's Delight (Bohola)


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